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  • Water 

  • Photo ID

  • Comfortable clothes

    • For tattoos on the torso it's often helpful to have a button up 

    • bring extra shorts if you need them for a leg/hip placement

    • I do have nipple covers to provide if needed for sternum/chest placements but feel free to bring your own if that makes you feel more comfortable

  • Snacks (It's good to eat a good meal before you come, but you can bring snacks too especially if you're sitting for a long session and might like a snack break)

What should I bring to my appointment?

You can book a free no obligation consultation if you would like to meet me to discuss your tattoo idea before booking your appointment. You can email me to book or If you would like to book a consult through the booking form just let me know in the additional comments section that you would like a consult before booking the tattoo. 

I want to talk about my tattoo idea before booking an appointment...

If you need additional support or trauma informed care during your appointment please reach out to me to discuss ways that we can ensure a safe and comfortable tattoo experience for you. 

This could include:

  • Booking a private appointment where we can put up panel dividers to ensure your privacy from the rest of the studio while being tattooed. 

  • A discussion on sensitivity with your tattoo being posted on social media or keeping your identity private 

  • Referring to you with a separate name and pronouns from your legal name

  • A discussion about sensitivity with being touched in certain places on your body and how that should inform the tattoo placement

  • A discussion about negative past experiences being tattooed and how to provide a better experience for you

What are my options if I need additional support to feel comfortable/safe during my tattoo?

  • Moisturize your skin in the area you are planning to get tattooed. It works best to moisturize every day for at least one week before your appointment

  • Limit sun exposure and wear sunscreen if you're out in the sun. I cannot tattoo an area that is sunburnt.

  • Do not drink alcohol the night before or on the day of your tattoo! Alcohol consumption before your tattoo can cause issues during the tattoo process and prevent your tattoo from healing properly, and I absolutely will not tattoo anyone under the influence.  

  • Eat a big breakfast on your tattoo day! Eating well before your tattoo can prevent you from feeling faint or nauseated. You can also bring snacks with you.

What should I do to prepare for my tattoo?

I always go over the aftercare process in person at the tattoo appointment. It is your responsibility to follow instructions to ensure proper healing of your tattoo. Aftercare needs differ for each individual tattoo so it's best to contact me directly if you have questions about your aftercare instructions.

I have questions about aftercare...

For larger or more detailed tattoos: I charge $170/hr (machine time) plus tax


Machine time means that I have a time counter that starts and stops as I switch on and off my tattoo machine. This means that you are only charged for the amount of time you are being tattooed and you can take any breaks you need without being charged extra. 

How does your pricing work?

Feel free to contact me directly by email to discuss any questions you have.

My question was not answered here...


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